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Our Companies

We've invested in struggling businesses and brands, creating new images and sparking new growth. We've founded startups, building brands from the ground up. And we've ventured into markets previously dominated by major power players.

We pride ourselves in our portfolio, which over the years has grown not only in total assets and revenue, but in jobs created, industries served, and expertise gained.

Midway Dental provides supplies and equipment, office design and startup, laboratory services, maintenance service, education, and financial services to thousands of dental offices across the country. With over $100MM in revenue and branches in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, Midway Dental is the fastest growing full-service dental supply company in the United States.

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Alline Salon Group operates nearly 400 salons in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey. In under 4 years, we became the employer of choice for stylists via our brands: Supercuts, Cost Cutters and Holiday Hair.

When the COVID pandemic rocked the world economy, All Essentials Hub was born, and took what looked like a financial disaster and turned it into an opportunity. All Essentials Hub supplies PPE to thousands of clinics across the country, and is growing its distribution by the week.

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